Tender Management

So you have decided to tender, but why have you decided to take your contract to tender?

I don’t feel we've made progress with the incumbent and need a change...

The problems we have experienced just haven’t improved...

I don’t feel like I get value for money and don’t get any added value...

I think the contract needs a more robust framework to work to...

Does it really need to change?

Before going through a tender exercise it is often worth drawing on a consultant to support with contractor management; however if you believe that there is no resolution, if you have truly explored all options and the time is right to tender we will support you with this. We will agree what the key objectives are from the exercise and ensure that these are captured in the process.

Based upon these key objectives, we will write the tender documents precisely, ensuring all parties are clear on what the priorities are to your site and what you need delivered from the tendering exercise. This will ensure there are no surprises down the line due to a lack of clarity during the process.

We will agree the types of companies you would like to partner with and invite suitable companies to tender.

Ultimately should a tender be required, robust tender management is essential in sourcing the right long term partner for your school. If cost savings or investment are needed, or through legal requirement or ultimately the relationship between client and contractor has failed we are well placed to support you in your search for your perfect Catering provider, that fully understands the schools aims through a carefully managed tender exercise. Outlined below is our approach to delivering you perfect catering partner.

Cantium Catering Consultancy - Tender Management

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