Outsourced Support

It is sometimes useful to have the input of an external professional in the management of the catering contract for a number of reasons:

  • Contract review with client and contractor - ensuring the contractor adherence to SLAs and KPIs bound into the contract at the time of award.
  • Performance review – a comprehensive review providing suggestions on how the current service can be improved by the contractor and team and how the client can support in this process.
  • Client feedback - honest and impartial advice / support to the client to truly understand the challenges faced by the school, the catering team and contractor alike and most importantly how to resolve these.
  • Hosting termly review meetings - management of monthly / termly meeting and the quality of the management information being provided.
  • Health check on Contractor Governance - an independent health check on processes and procedures being actioned by the contractor, giving reassurance on Governance to the Head and Governors.
  • Financial analysis of Contractor Finances - a greater understanding of the finances, trading account, BVA providing transparency to the client. Ensuring visibility and fairness in regard Hospitality recharges.
  • Benchmarking purchasing - to ensure value for money on core spends of food, cleaning and disposables.
  • Labour Analysis - labour efficiency reviews and advise on talent retention, upskilling of teams and ultimately suggestions on restructures.

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