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Cantium Catering Consultancy - Cookery lessons for pupils
Cantium Catering Consultancy - Healthy eating assemblies
Cantium Catering Consultancy - Craft training for staff
Cantium Catering Consultancy - VIP event management

A wide range of support services are available to clients and teams that are operating in house.

Operational Support

Health check – an audit that assesses compliance across Food safety, Allergen management, Health and safety including Risk Assessments, COSHH, PPE and Manual Handling. This provides the Head and Governors with a high level of confidence in the overall management of the catering facility and how this links in with the schools overarching policies.

Termly audits - ensuring that policies are implemented, that processes are being followed and there is no regression from the initial audit and subsequent actions.

On site training provided for staff including: food safety, dangerous equipment, allergens, Natasha’s Law, COSHH and manual handling.

Financial controls - the implementation of improved financial controls and cost awareness including the cost per head, gross profit analysis and the management of hospitality and stock control.

Menus and nutritional standards – a comprehensive review of food standards and opportunities to improve nutritional standards.

Supplier reviews – ensuring best value on the current purchasing at site and seeking opportunities to drive improved performance.

Kitchen design and planning – we have experience on supporting both long term and short term kitchen redesigns and builds, delivering more workable environments for the teams with greater output and safer working environments.

Added Value

Counter presentation and marketing support – customers buy with their eyes and the way in which food is displayed has a direct impact on the uptake of food. We can provide advise on improvements to counter presentation and the look and feel of the dining area, modernising the dining experience.

Food for Life and Green Kitchen Award – supporting clients to attain Food for Life or green kitchen standards.

Craft training for cooks and chefs – one to one craft training, elevating and modernising the cooking skills of your teams. All areas of the kitchen from pastry to mains can be trained as part of this service.

Healthy eating assemblies – raising the awareness of nutrition during assemblies as part of either a health and wellbeing initiative or part of the school's wider PSHE curriculum, especially important if working towards Food for Life.

Cookery classes for pupils – cooking with children training them in the essential life skill of cooking. These lessons could be a one off or a succession of lessons across a year group, scheduled over a number of weeks.

Event management – if there is a high profile event that needs additional experience to allow the event to be successful and to support, I am comfortable planning and supporting these types of high profile events.

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