Auditing Services

As you focus on delivering amazing food and service to your customers, have you ever wondered how safe the kitchen is or how well managed the processes actually are?

We have a full understanding of safe kitchen practices and are able to offer our clients a number of services that look at what improvements need to be made prior to opening, how the operation is running if in house or how safely your contractor is operating.

We run a number of audits in both in house and contracted situations where we will assess the following:

Food Safety

  • Due diligence and record keeping
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Cross contamination controls
  • E-Coli control measures
  • Allergen Management
  • Staff Training

Health & Safety

  • Risk assessments
  • Manual Handling
  • Work environment
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Staff training on Dangerous Equipment
  • Record keeping

Following the completion of our audit we will discuss any urgent issues and compile a report that suggests what needs to be completed to ensure any areas of concern are resolved.

If further support is required in the implementation of the key actions, we are happy to work with our clients in implementing the key actions.

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